Marketing & Communication

By making your marketing my main focus I will assist you in both growing your customer base and driving the revenue for your business. 

Whether building your marketing strategy or doing the tasks you don’t have time to do, I’ll use a combination of innovative thinking and perceptive market awareness to boost will your sales.



Marketing Strategy

Before you start any marketing activities, you need a plan, this is where I can help. To start, I will ensure there’s a full understanding of your business, it’s goals and objectives. After that, I’ll create an efficient marketing strategy that considers your previous hits and misses. Then, If you need help executing the plan, I can help with that too!

Social Media

Let’s face it, social media can be a drag as it’s so time consuming, but this is where I come in! By creating a social media calendar I will remove the headache. Not only that, I will post to your channels and engage with your audience freeing you up to focus on other things in your business.

Content Writing & Editing

Storytelling is a sure-fire way to communicate with your audience and keep them abreast of the activities in your company and your industry.  I can help you develop a content strategy that promises engaging content to your audience, as well as write it.

Tactical Marketing 

If you’re a small business, or simply unable to hire someone full time, I’m the solution. As well as creating a strategy, I will perform the actions. For example, updating your website, compiling and sending out newsletters or managing your social media channels. Think of me as an extension of your marketing team!

Email Marketing

Did you know that your emailing list is the most engaged audience you have? Think about it, these are people who want to hear from you! However, while very effective at generating sales, knowing what to say and how often to say it can be time-consuming and challenging. By developing a by a well written, engaging and well thought out email strategy I can maximise your opportunity.

Event Management

Events can be expensive and often it’s not feasible to hire an expensive event planning company.  I can help you plan and execute your event, from product launches and in-store events to seminars.

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