Retail Services

After spending 9 years as a retail planner, I have a firm understanding of the importance of focusing on inventory and sales performance to drive your sales plan. 



Retail Range Planning

A range plan is one of the most important tools in a retailers toolkit. It helps you create the framework for your range: firstly the categories you’ll have, second, number of options per category and lastly their price points. A range plan ensures you have a balanced and cohesive offer that meets both the company and customer objectives. Get in touch if you need help creating this tool.

Buying Strategy Planning

Having the right buying strategy can make or break your retail brand. Do you buy you whole season upfront, or do you save 50% of your budget for in-season buying? In addition, what suppliers are best to use and where are they based? I can help you source the right product with the best prices and provide recommendations on what your buying strategy should be.

Concession Relations

With the current economic climate, stand alone stores are a huge financial risk. A concession strategy is one way, to ensure your brand grows whilst keeping down your overheads. Contact me I you’d like my help creating your retail concession strategy or managing the relationships with your partners.

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