Tips to Build Your Personal Brand

Personal Brand

The growth of social media has made it more important than ever to have a robust brand that stands out in a saturated market. Your personal brand is your reputation. It tells people who you are and what your bring, so how your brand is positioned is crucial.

There are 5 brand characteristics you need to build a successful brand, read on to discover what they are!

1. Consistency

Every action should be consistent with the image of your brand. Consistency shows reliability and eventually you’ll become known for doing particular things. This in turn builds credibility. It’s important to remember however that your brand is allowed to evolve. You don’t need to be static forever!

2. Uniqueness

In order for your brand to stand out, you need to be unique. Trying to be something you’re not is the worst thing you could do. Forced uniqueness is obvious and will not endear people to you.  Your brand should be born from you; what drives you, what your passions are, what you’re good at. Considering these aspects will be what makes your brand different from others.

3. Personality

Personality in a person is what we’re really drawn to isn’t it? The same applies to your personal brand. We always remember positive interaction with people, be it on social media or in person. Ensure when you’re interacting with people you show your personality off as much as possible.

4. Memorability

Memorability and personal branding go hand-in-hand. You could produce the best content in the world, but if nobody remembers you produced it, you’ve been unsuccessful. Hone in on what skills make you memorable and make that your unique selling point. And remember, being different is a good thing!

5. Clarity

Be clear in everything you do. When people see work that you’ve done, there should be no doubt in their minds about who did it and what they did.

In short, always remember the most effective way to establish your brand is to watch and learn. See how other people brand themselves, take pointers and learn how to do it yourself!



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