Why You Should Hire a Freelance Marketer

Freelance Marketing Consultant - Funmi Daniel

For entrepreneurs and start-ups the choice between hiring in-house marketing staff or outsourcing to agencies can be overwhelming and costly. As a result, marketing often becomes an afterthought, or something that’s poorly self-managed, neither being great for your business. This is when you should consider hiring a freelance marketer.

In our increasingly digital world not only is it vital for you to be online, you also need to connect to your customers often. For instance, did you know that 53% of shoppers always do research before making a purchase? Without a clear marketing plan, you run the risk of missing out on potential customers.


With many talented marketers now working from home, you get the benefit of a range of tailored services at a rate more attractive than a member of staff.

So how can hiring a freelance marketer help your business?

  1. Time Savings

    Running a business is hard! Even if you’re great at multitasking, you can’t do it all. Getting a freelancer means they can do the work you can’t. Whether it’s building your marketing strategy or writing copy for your blog, they’ll make sure you’re communicating effectively and regularly with your audience.

  2. Cost Savings – Great Talent for Less

    Full time employees are expensive and agency retainers are no cheaper. As freelancers often have very low overheads, clients benefit from lower prices. Another bonus? With remote work the new norm, you can hire who you feel is best for your business, no matter their location.

  3. Dedicated Focus & Fresh Perspectives

    With the focus on the running of your business you may be unable to think like your customer. A freelancer often works with many clients at the same time. Because of this, they have a history of successes and failures that can be used to grow your business. An added extra is that you can always count on our honesty!

In conclusion, hiring a freelance marketer should be seen as a crucial to not only connect with your target market, but also divert a vital part of your business to someone who has the time to do it!


How can I help?

Funmi Daniel is a freelance marketing consultant offering services to organisations and individuals. Whether it’s sending out weekly newsletters,  creating brand style guides, or anything in between, I can provide the additional support you need. Just think of me as the answer to your flexible team needs!

Services include:

Brand Management

Marketing Strategy

Social Media

Content Writing & Editing

Creative Director

Web Design

Event Management

To determine what your company requires, book a consultation today.

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